Impressions Hairdressing. Bognor Regis

Our Personal One To One Experience Salon Welcomes You...

We Listen..
We Advise Correctly
Which Means You Receive The Look You Want.Lee Boniface. Impressions Owner

What Impressions Hairdressing Wont DO…

Look all great relationships are based on honesty and trust.
So let us be honest and tell you what you won't get at Impressions hairdressing Bognor.

  • Not This..

    A salon full of people running around like headless chickens. Music set to stun causing what some would call a “Buzz”- Sorry. We do listening and an an oasis away from the “buzz” of life.

  • Sorry Not This Neither

    If you love being passed from stylist to trainees and back again. Sorry we ain’t for you We are with you from the moment you arrive at the moment you leave.

  • Oh And This Wont Happen Either

    If you love having an inexperienced stylist do your hair for £9.90. Because you love the adrenaline rush of if it’s going to turn out right. Sorry. We believe in quality and consistency.

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Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
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